As a not-for-profit organization, CantoMundo depends on charitable donations and grant funding. Financial support makes the annual retreat, year-round programming, workshops, craft conversations, and professional development the organization offers its fellows possible. Donations will help CantoMundo offer travel stipends to its fellows to nurture their creativity free from financial burden, incorporate as an independent organization to apply for federal and private grant opportunities, and fund permanent staff positions to continue to grow the organization’s brand and vision.

2021 is a landmark year for CantoMundo as it plans to offer workshops, readings, and additional programming to the public—facilitated by its fellows and alumni. As poetry continues to rise in public interest, CantoMundo will foster Latinx writers outside the organization in honing their craft, whether they be emerging writers, high school students, or other marginalized and underrepresented voices.

Poetry and the arts are for everyone, and everyone should have access. As the organization increases its resources, it increases its accessibility. We need your help to share our Canto with el Mundo.

You can give through our partner organization, the University of Arizona Poetry Center. 

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