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CantoMundo presents at Latinx Studies Association Conference

CantoMundo shared at the Latinx Studies Association (LSA) Conference hosted at Arizona State University. On April 20th, Carmen Tafolla and Alberto Ríos engaged in a roundtable discussion moderated by Jacqueline Balderrama entitled "CantoMundo and the Placemaking of a Latinx Poets & Poetry Organization." The conversation focused on the organization's recent collaboration with the Virginia G. Piper Center for Creative Writing housed at ASU. Jacqueline Balderrama, director of CantoMundo, engaged Piper Center’s director Alberto Ríos and CantoMundo co-founder Carmen Tafolla who shared on the history and significance of their work at the intersection of Latinx poets across regional, aesthetic, ethnic, racial, linguistic, and gendered spectrums as well as the ways CantoMundo has reshaped the literary landscape and creating lasting impacts on a local and national level. Moreover, discussants reflected on the state of Latinx poetics in Arizona and the Southwest and how CantoMundo’s presence as a Latinx placemaking entity is an important turning point for the region’s poetry landscape.


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