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The CantoMundo Poetry Series is an annual book award contest that showcases work by US-based Latinx poets across the linguistic, stylistic, and cultural spectrums from which they write. The series is open to all US-based Latinx writers—not just current or former CantoMundo fellows—regardless of citizenship status or previous publication record. The CantoMundo Poetry Series works to broaden the reach of Latinx poetry, as Latinx poets remain underrepresented in both the US and Latin America in spite of their longstanding presence within and influence on these poetic traditions.


Previously in partnership with the University of Arkansas Press, former prize winners include: inaugural 2017 winner Jacob Shores-Argüello for Paraíso; 2018 winner Ángel García for Teeth Never Sleep; 2019 winner Gina Franco for The Accidental; and the 2020 winner Sara Lupita Olivares for Migratory Sound.

Series editors are Carolina Ebeid and Ángel García. News about the next award is coming soon.

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