CantoMundo, in partnership with the University of Arizona Poetry Center, is a national poetry organization that cultivates a community of Latinx poets through workshops, symposia, and public readings. Founded in 2009 by Norma E. Cantú, Celeste Guzmán Mendoza, Pablo Miguel Martínez, Deborah Paredez, and Carmen Tafolla, CantoMundo, modeled after Kundiman and Cave Canem, hosts an annual poetry workshop for Latinx poets that provides a space for the creation, documentation, and critical analysis of Latinx poetry. Through our retreat, students have worked with Juan Felipe Herrera, Demetria Martínez, Martín Espada, Lorna Dee Cervantes, Willie Perdomo, Ada Limón, Daniel Borzutsky, Natalie Diaz, and Valerie Martinez among many others. 


We also sponsor public readings and writing workshops that feature and facilitate regional communities of Latinx poets. Since 2017, we have co-sponsored the CantoMundo Poetry Series with the University of Arkansas Press. This annual book contest annually selects and promotes a poetry volume by a Latinx poet. Poets published in this series have already received critical acclaim including the American Book Award, the PEN America Open Book Award, and the Kate Tufts Discovery Award.


Part of CantoMundo’s mission is to have the various latinidades in conversation with each other, from coast to coast, north and south, representing diverse poetic styles and heritages, whether in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and indigenous languages. With such a large presence of CantoMundo fellows spread across the nation, CantoMundistas also participate in CantoMundo Regions. These Regions, organized by a Regional Chair(s), carry on the mission of CantoMundo by supporting and fostering Latinx poets and poetry at the local level. This initiative allows us to bring CantoMundo into an increasing number of communities in an effort to broaden our reach and be of service to a wider array of Latinx poets outside of the annual workshop.

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